If it's impossible to say anything new, should we all just give up?


You may remember me from my last blog post. The one where I railed against people who share content without reading it.

You didn't read it, did you? Thought not. But thanks for the Retweets.

It's OK, you're much like everyone else in this age of instant gratification.

So instant, in fact, that we don't even have time to read the stuff we're quick to pass on to the next person to not read.

And yet, we're informed that we need to say something new in order to stand out from the crowd; find a differentiator, a new way of approaching a problem and then solve it.

No mean feat.

But here's the thing - what if it's all been said?

I mean, come on be honest, there are only so many 'ultimate' or 'insane hacks to grow your blog today', or '10 ways to get more Twitter followers', that one can create (though it has to be said, is there really any point if they don't engage with anything you say, anyway?).

The fact is, it's extremely difficult, nigh on impossible, to write about marketing in a way that's new.

Informative/actionable content is pretty well covered; breaking news has a tiny shelf-life; and the 'look at how Shoreditch we are' stuff leaves me cold. As it should you.

The thing is, most pieces of content are click-bait.

The information contained within may indeed correspond with the title, but the promises of proven tactics to drive sales probably won't even drive traffic.

Ultimately, marketers (and I include myself in this) are all just rats, clambering on top of each other to keep from drowning in a sea of crappy content.

The rat at the top is usually the one who has written the most up-to-date version of an article 'proven to drive sales', until another rat publishes a newer version and does the SEO dance to the top of the Google rankings, feet and backside resting upon the rats below.

Bless them - they're only trying to get you to buy from them or their clients. Or at very least share their content so someone else will.

I guess this sounds like I hate marketing.

I don't. I just think - and I speak from a social media standpoint - it may be approaching the end of a cycle.

There is simply too much content now and because of that there isn't anything new being created, just amended. A new (but not original) prefix, affix, design or list.

People mention content shock and I understand what they mean.

When I complained in my last post that there's no point in sharing content if you haven't read it, I received a couple of comments agreeing wholeheartedly.

And from that I can surmise it's a growing problem.

Available content is so vast that people barely have time to read one because there's a thousand other posts to get to. And no one wants to be late for the train.

So, the question remains, if it's impossible to say anything new, should we all just give up?

Well, as tempting as it is to shut down my laptop and go become a fisherman or an artist, the fact is I get seasick and I'm crap at drawing.

And, as a marketer, I know I can't stop - and, strangely, I don't even want to. All I can do is write honestly about how I see things.

Of course I want you to visit the website. And of course I want new business. But I don't want to compromise and sell you short with a crappy campaign or a series of dull as ditch-water blog posts.

Marketing in 2017 is a huge challenge. For everyone.

But then, isn't the challenge the thing?

Or was that the journey?

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